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"Environmental Compliance Inspector"
Job Description - Part 1 - Duties and Tasks

Basic Job Description:

Inspect and investigate sources of pollution to protect the public and environment and ensure conformance with Federal, State, and local regulations and ordinances.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Environmental Compliance Inspector"

1) Evaluate label information for accuracy and conformance to regulatory requirements.

2) Inform health professionals, property owners, and the public about harmful properties and related problems of water pollution and contaminated wastewater.


3) Participate in the development of spill prevention programs and hazardous waste rules and regulations, and recommend corrective actions for hazardous waste problems.

4) Prepare data to calculate sewer service charges and capacity fees.

5) Prepare written, oral, tabular, and graphic reports summarizing requirements and regulations, including enforcement and chain of custody documentation.


6) Research and keep informed of pertinent information and developments in areas such as EPA laws and regulations.

7) Respond to questions and inquiries, such as those concerning service charges and capacity fees, or refer them to supervisors.

8) Maintain and repair materials, worksites, and equipment.

9) Analyze and implement state, federal or local requirements as necessary to maintain approved pretreatment, pollution prevention, and storm water runoff programs.

10) Conduct research on hazardous waste management projects in order to determine the magnitude of problems, and treatment or disposal alternatives and costs.

11) Determine the nature of code violations and actions to be taken, and issue written notices of violation; participate in enforcement hearings as necessary.

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12) Determine sampling locations and methods, and collect water or wastewater samples for analysis, preserving samples with appropriate containers and preservation methods.

13) Determine which sites and violation reports to investigate, and coordinate compliance and enforcement activities with other government agencies.

14) Examine permits, licenses, applications, and records to ensure compliance with licensing requirements.


15) Inform individuals and groups of pollution control regulations and inspection findings, and explain how problems can be corrected.

16) Inspect waste pretreatment, treatment, and disposal facilities and systems for conformance to federal, state, or local regulations.

17) Interview individuals to determine the nature of suspected violations and to obtain evidence of violations.

18) Investigate complaints and suspected violations regarding illegal dumping, pollution, pesticides, product quality, or labeling laws.

19) Learn and observe proper safety precautions, rules, regulations, and practices so that unsafe conditions can be recognized and proper safety protocols implemented.

20) Monitor follow-up actions in cases where violations were found, and review compliance monitoring reports.

21) Observe and record field conditions, gathering, interpreting, and reporting data such as flow meter readings and chemical levels.

22) Perform laboratory tests on samples collected, such as analyzing the content of contaminated wastewater.

23) Prepare, organize, and maintain inspection records.

24) Research and perform calculations related to landscape allowances, discharge volumes, production-based and alternative limits, and wastewater strength classifications, then make recommendations and complete documentation.

25) Review and evaluate applications for registration of products containing dangerous materials, or for pollution control discharge permits.

26) Verify that hazardous chemicals are handled, stored, and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

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Part 1
Duties / Tasks
Part 2
Part 3
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"Environmental Compliance Inspector"   Holland / RIASEC Career Code:  I-C-R        SOC:  13-1041.01


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