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"Museum Technician and Conservator"
Job Description - Part 1 - Duties and Tasks

Basic Job Description:

Prepare specimens, such as fossils, skeletal parts, lace, and textiles, for museum collection and exhibits. May restore documents or install, arrange, and exhibit materials.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Museum Technician and Conservator"

1) Install, arrange, assemble, and prepare artifacts for exhibition, ensuring the artifacts' safety, reporting their status and condition, and identifying and correcting any problems with the set-up.

2) Coordinate exhibit installations, assisting with design, constructing displays, dioramas, display cases, and models, and ensuring the availability of necessary materials.


3) Determine whether objects need repair and choose the safest and most effective method of repair.

4) Clean objects, such as paper, textiles, wood, metal, glass, rock, pottery, and furniture, using cleansers, solvents, soap solutions, and polishes.

5) Prepare artifacts for storage and shipping.


6) Supervise and work with volunteers.

7) Present public programs and tours.

8) Specialize in particular materials or types of object, such as documents and books, paintings, decorative arts, textiles, metals, or architectural materials.

9) Recommend preservation procedures, such as control of temperature and humidity, to curatorial and building staff.

10) Classify and assign registration numbers to artifacts, and supervise inventory control.

11) Direct and supervise curatorial and technical staff in the handling, mounting, care, and storage of art objects.

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12) Perform on-site field work which may involve interviewing people, inspecting and identifying artifacts, note-taking, viewing sites and collections, and repainting exhibition spaces.

13) Repair, restore and reassemble artifacts, designing and fabricating missing or broken parts, to restore them to their original appearance and prevent deterioration.

14) Prepare reports on the operation of conservation laboratories, documenting the condition of artifacts, treatment options, and the methods of preservation and repair used.


15) Study object documentation or conduct standard chemical and physical tests to ascertain the object's age, composition, original appearance, need for treatment or restoration, and appropriate preservation method.

16) Cut and weld metal sections in reconstruction or renovation of exterior structural sections and accessories of exhibits.

17) Perform tests and examinations to establish storage and conservation requirements, policies, and procedures.

18) Plan and conduct research to develop and improve methods of restoring and preserving specimens.

19) Notify superior when restoration of artifacts requires outside experts.

20) Estimate cost of restoration work.

21) Preserve or direct preservation of objects, using plaster, resin, sealants, hardeners, and shellac.

22) Build, repair, and install wooden steps, scaffolds, and walkways to gain access to or permit improved view of exhibited equipment.

23) Construct skeletal mounts of fossils, replicas of archaeological artifacts, or duplicate specimens, using a variety of materials and hand tools.

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Part 1
Duties / Tasks
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"Museum Technician and Conservator"   Holland / RIASEC Career Code:  A-R-I        SOC:  25-4013.00


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