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"Jewelry Bench Worker"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Cut, file, form, and solder parts for jewelry.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Jewelry Bench Worker"

1) Cuts, trims, shapes and smoothes jewelry stones, pearls, and metal pieces, using abrasives, grinding stone and power and hand tools.

2) Weighs, mixes and melts metal alloys or material and pours molten material into mold to cast models of jewelry.

3) Forms, joins, or assembles metal pieces, articles, or wire, using soldering iron, gas torch, and hand tools.

4) Disassembles mold casting from metal or jewelry workpiece and places work piece in water or on tray to cool.

5) Marks and drills holes in jewelry mounting to center stones according to design specifications.

6) Positions and aligns stones and metal pieces and sets, mounts and secures item in place, using setting and hand tools.

7) Manually rotates mold to distribute molten material and prevent formation of air pockets in mold.

8) Marks, engraves or embosses designs on metal pieces, such as castings, wire, or jewelry, following samples, sketches, or other specifications.

9) Plates articles, such as jewelry pieces and clock and watch dials with silver, gold, nickel, or other metals.

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10) Examines assembled or finished product, using magnifying glass or precision measuring instruments, to ensure conformance to specifications.

11) Repairs existing jewelry mountings to reposition jewels or adjust mounting.

12) Sands inside mold pieces, using emery cloth and chalkdust.

13) Assembles and secures mold sections used to cast metal articles and pieces.

14) Brushes, buffs, cleans and polishes metal items and jewelry pieces, using jeweler's tools, polishing wheel, and chemical bath.

15) Operates machines, such as centrifugal-casting, routing, and lathe, to fabricate casting molds, metal parts or wax models of products.

16) Weighs completed pieces to determine deviation from specifications and records weight and processing time on production records.

17) Designs and fabricates molds, models and machine accessories, and modifies hand tools used to cast metal and jewelry pieces.

18) Researches and analyzes reference materials and consults with interested parties to develop new or modify existing products.

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