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"School Bus Driver"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Transport students or special clients, such as the elderly or persons with disabilities. Ensure adherence to safety rules. May assist passengers in boarding or exiting.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "School Bus Driver"

1) Report any bus malfunctions or needed repairs.

2) Report delays, accidents, or other traffic and transportation situations, using telephones or mobile two-way radios.

3) Drive gasoline, diesel, or electrically powered multi-passenger vehicles to transport students between neighborhoods, schools, and school activities.

4) Check the condition of a vehicle's tires, brakes, windshield wipers, lights, oil, fuel, water, and safety equipment to ensure that everything is in working order.

5) Comply with traffic regulations in order to operate vehicles in a safe and courteous manner.

6) Follow safety rules as students are boarding and exiting buses, and as they cross streets near bus stops.

7) Pick up and drop off students at regularly scheduled neighborhood locations, following strict time schedules.

8) Read maps, and follow written and verbal geographic directions.

9) Regulate heating, lighting, and ventilation systems for passenger comfort.

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10) Escort small children across roads and highways.

11) Keep bus interiors clean for passengers.

12) Maintain knowledge of first-aid procedures.

13) Maintain order among pupils during trips, in order to ensure safety.

14) Make minor repairs to vehicles.

15) Prepare and submit reports that may include the number of passengers or trips, hours worked, mileage, fuel consumption, and/or fares received.

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