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"Bus Driver, Transit and Intercity"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Drive bus or motor coach, including regular route operations, charters, and private carriage. May assist passengers with baggage. May collect fares or tickets.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Bus Driver, Transit and Intercity"

1) Inspect vehicles, and check gas, oil, and water levels prior to departure.

2) Drive vehicles over specified routes or to specified destinations according to time schedules in order to transport passengers, complying with traffic regulations.

3) Park vehicles at loading areas so that passengers can board.

4) Assist passengers with baggage and collect tickets or cash fares.

5) Report delays or accidents.

6) Advise passengers to be seated and orderly while on vehicles.

7) Regulate heating, lighting, and ventilating systems for passenger comfort.

8) Load and unload baggage in baggage compartments.

9) Record cash receipts and ticket fares.

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10) Make minor repairs to vehicle and change tires.

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