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"Communication Equipment Mechanic, Installer, and Repairer"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Install, maintain, test, and repair communication cables and equipment.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Communication Equipment Mechanic, Installer, and Repairer"

1) Demonstrates equipment and instructs customer in use of equipment.

2) Determines viability of site through observation, and discusses site location and construction requirements with customer.

3) Measures distance from landmarks to identify exact installation site.

4) Climbs poles and ladders; constructs pole, roof mounts, or reinforcements; and mixes concrete to enable equipment installation.

5) Plans layout and installation of data communications equipment.

6) Reviews work orders, building permits, manufacturer's instructions, and ordinances to move, change, install, repair, or remove communication equipment.

7) Adjusts or modifies equipment in accordance with customer request or to enhance performance of equipment.

8) Performs routine maintenance on equipment, which includes adjustment, repair, and painting.

9) Measures, cuts, splices, connects, solders, and installs wires and cables.

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10) Examines and tests malfunctioning equipment to determine defects, using blueprints and electrical measuring instruments.

11) Tests installed equipment for conformance to specifications, using test equipment.

12) Assembles and installs communication equipment, such as data communication lines and equipment, computer systems, and antennas and towers, using hand tools.

13) Repairs, replaces, or adjusts defective components.

14) Disassembles equipment to adjust, repair, or replace parts, using hand tools.

15) Evaluates quality of performance of installed equipment by observance and using test equipment.

16) Digs holes or trenches.

17) Answers customers' inquiries or complaints.

18) Cleans and maintains tools, test equipment, and motor vehicle.

19) Communicates with base, using telephone or two-way radio to receive instructions or technical advise, or to report unauthorized use of equipment.

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