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Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Assist patrons at hotel, apartment or office building with personal services. May take messages, arrange or give advice on transportation, business services or entertainment, or monitor guest requests for housekeeping and maintenance.

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The Key To Your Job Satisfaction

Job Duties and Tasks for: "Concierge"

1) Make dining and other reservations for patrons, and obtain tickets for events.

2) Provide information about local features such as shopping, dining, nightlife, and recreational destinations.

3) Make travel arrangements for sightseeing and other tours.

4) Receive, store, and deliver luggage and mail.

5) Perform office duties on a temporary basis when needed.

6) Pick up and deliver items, or run errands for guests.

7) Carry out unusual requests such as searching for hard-to-find items and arranging for exotic services such as hot-air balloon rides.

8) Arrange for the replacement of items lost by travelers.

9) Arrange for interpreters or translators when patrons require such services.

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10) Plan special events, parties, and meetings, which may include booking musicians or celebrities to appear.

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