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Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Direct activities such as autopsies, pathological and toxicological analyses, and inquests relating to the investigation of deaths occurring within a legal jurisdiction to determine cause of death or to fix responsibility for accidental, violent, or unexplained deaths.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Coroner"

1) Coordinate the release of personal effects to authorized persons, and facilitate the disposition of unclaimed corpses and personal effects.

2) Inventory personal effects, such as jewelry or wallets, that are recovered from bodies.

3) Locate and document information regarding the next of kin, including their relationship to the deceased and the status of notification attempts.

4) Provide information concerning the circumstances of death to relatives of the deceased.

5) Remove or supervise removal of bodies from death scenes, using the proper equipment and supplies, and arrange for transportation to morgues.

6) Witness and certify deaths that are the result of a judicial order.

7) Record the disposition of minor children, as well as details of arrangements made for their care.

8) Collect and document any pertinent medical history information.

9) Complete death certificates, including the assignment of a cause and manner of death.

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10) Complete reports and forms required to finalize cases.

11) Direct activities of workers who conduct autopsies, perform pathological and toxicological analyses, and prepare documents for permanent records.

12) Inquire into the cause, manner, and circumstances of human deaths, and establish the identities of deceased persons.

13) Interview persons present at death scenes to obtain information useful in determining the manner of death.

14) Observe and record the positions and conditions of bodies and of related evidence.

15) Observe, record, and preserve any objects or personal property related to deaths, including objects such as medication containers and suicide notes.

16) Perform medico-legal examinations and autopsies, conducting preliminary examinations of the body in order to identify victims, to locate signs of trauma, and to identify factors that would indicate time of death.

17) Testify at inquests, hearings, and court trials.

18) Arrange for the next of kin to be notified of deaths.

19) Collect wills, burial instructions, and other documentation needed for investigations and for handling of the remains.

20) Confer with officials of public health and law enforcement agencies in order to coordinate interdepartmental activities.

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