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"Hand Cutter and Trimmer"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Use hand tools or hand-held power tools to cut and trim a variety of manufactured items, such as carpet, fabric, stone, glass, or rubber.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Hand Cutter and Trimmer"

1) Adjust guides and stops to control depths and widths of cuts.

2) Cut, shape, and trim materials, such as textiles, food, glass, stone, and metal, using knives, scissors, and other hand tools, portable power tools, or bench-mounted tools.

3) Lower table-mounted cutters such as knife blades, cutting wheels, or saws to cut items to specified sizes.

4) Mark cutting lines around patterns or templates, or follow layout points, using squares, rules, and straightedges, and chalk, pencils, or scribes.

5) Mark or discard items with defects such as spots, stains, scars, snags, chips, scratches, or unacceptable shapes or finishes.

6) Position templates or measure materials to locate specified points of cuts or to obtain maximum yields, using rules, scales, or patterns.

7) Read work orders to determine dimensions, cutting locations, and quantities to cut.

8) Unroll, lay out, attach, or mount materials or items on cutting tables or machines.

9) Clean, treat, buff, or polish finished items, using grinders, brushes, chisels, and cleaning solutions and polishing materials.

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10) Count or weigh and bundle items.

11) Fold or shape materials before or after cutting them.

12) Mark identification numbers, trademarks, grades, marketing data, sizes, or model numbers on products.

13) Replace or sharpen dulled cutting tools such as saws.

14) Route items to provide cutouts for parts, using portable routers, grinders, and hand tools.

15) Separate materials or products according to size, weight, type, condition, color, or shade.

16) Stack cut items and load them on racks or conveyors or onto trucks.

17) Transport items to work or storage areas, using carts.

18) Trim excess material or cut threads off finished products, such as cutting loose ends of plastic off a manufactured toy for a smoother finish.

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