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"Electrical and Electronic Inspector and Tester"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Inspect and test electrical and electronic systems, such as radar navigational equipment, computer memory units, television and radio transmitters, using precision measuring instruments.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Electrical and Electronic Inspector and Tester"

1) Tests and measures finished products, components, or assemblies for functioning, operation, accuracy, or assembly to verify adherence to functional specifications.

2) Reads dials and meters to verify functioning of equipment according to specifications.

3) Analyzes and interprets blueprints, sample data, and other materials to determine, change, or measure specifications or inspection and testing procedures.

4) Marks items for acceptance or rejection, records test results and inspection data, and compares findings with specifications to ensure conformance to standards.

5) Inspects materials, products, and work in progress for conformance to specifications, and adjusts process or assembly equipment to meet standards.

6) Computes and/or calculates sample data and test results.

7) Confers with vendors and others regarding inspection results, recommends corrective procedures, and compiles reports of results, recommendations, and needed repairs.

8) Writes and installs computer programs to control test equipment.

9) Installs, positions, or connects new or replacement parts, components, and instruments.

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10) Reviews maintenance records to ensure that plant equipment functions properly.

11) Disassembles defective parts and components.

12) Cleans and maintains test equipment and instruments to ensure proper functioning.

13) Positions or directs other workers to position products, components, or parts, for testing.

14) Operates or tends machinery and equipment, and uses hand tools.

15) Examines, and adjusts or repairs, finished products, and components or parts.

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