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"Etcher, Hand"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Etch patterns, designs, lettering, or figures onto a variety of materials and products.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Etcher, Hand"

1) Exposes workpiece to acid to develop etch pattern, such as designs, lettering, or figures.

2) Fills etched characters with opaque paste to improve readability.

3) Prepares workpiece for etching by cutting, sanding, cleaning, or treating with wax, acid resist, lime, etching powder, or light-sensitive enamel.

4) Transfers image to workpiece, using contact printer, pantograph stylus, silkscreen printing device, or stamp pad.

5) Neutralizes workpiece to remove acid, wax, or enamel, using water or solvents.

6) Measures and marks workpiece, such as plastic, fiberglass, epoxy board, metal or glass, using measuring and calibrating equipment.

7) Prepares etching solution according to formula.

8) Inspects etched work for uniformity, using calibrated microscope and gauge.

9) Positions and secures workpiece to be etched on setup board.

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10) Compares workpiece design, such as lettering, trademark, numerals, or lines to sample to verify development of pattern.

11) Reduces artwork, using reduction camera.

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