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"Financial Quantitative Analyst"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Develop quantitative financial products used to inform individuals or financial institutions engaged in saving, lending, investing, borrowing, or managing risk. Investigate methods for financial analysis to create mathematical models used to develop improved analytical tools or advanced financial investment instruments.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Financial Quantitative Analyst"

1) Maintain and modify all analytic models in use.

2) Define or recommend model specifications or data collection methods.

3) Devise or apply independent models or tools to help verify results of analytical systems.

4) Produce written summaries of research results.

5) Interpret results of analytical procedures.

6) Write requirements documentation for use by software developers.

7) Identify, track, or maintain metrics for trading system operations.

8) Research new products or analytics to determine their usefulness.

9) Provide application or analytical support to researchers or traders on issues such as valuations or data.

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10) Collaborate in the development or testing of new analytical software to ensure compliance with user requirements, specifications, or scope.

11) Develop core analytical capabilities or model libraries, using advanced statistical, quantitative, or econometric techniques.

12) Consult financial industry personnel, such as traders, to determine the need for new or improved analytical applications.

13) Confer with other financial engineers or analysts to understand trading strategies, market dynamics, or trading system performance to inform development of quantitative techniques.

14) Collaborate with product development teams to research, model, validate, or implement quantitative structured solutions for new or expanded markets.

15) Research or develop analytical tools to address issues such as portfolio construction or optimization, performance measurement, attribution, profit and loss measurement, or pricing models.

16) Apply mathematical or statistical techniques to address practical issues in finance, such as derivative valuation, securities trading, risk management, or financial market regulation.

17) Analyze pricing or risks of carbon trading products.

18) Assess the potential impact of climate change on business financial issues, such as damage repairs, insurance costs, or potential disruptions of daily activities.

19) Develop methods of assessing or measuring corporate performance in terms of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

20) Develop solutions to help clients hedge carbon exposure or risk.

21) Develop tools to be used in the assessment of green technologies or green financial products, such as green hedge funds or social responsibility investment funds.

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