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"Fire Inspector"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Inspect buildings and equipment to detect fire hazards and enforce state and local regulations.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Fire Inspector"

1) Inspect buildings to locate hazardous conditions and fire code violations such as accumulations of combustible material, electrical wiring problems, and inadequate or non-functional fire exits.

2) Identify corrective actions necessary to bring properties into compliance with applicable fire codes, laws, regulations, and standards, and explain these measures to property owners or their representatives.

3) Conduct inspections and acceptance testing of newly installed fire protection systems.

4) Inspect and test fire protection and/or fire detection systems to verify that such systems are installed in accordance with appropriate laws, codes, ordinances, regulations, and standards.

5) Conduct fire code compliance follow-ups to ensure that corrective actions have been taken in cases where violations were found.

6) Inspect properties that store, handle, and use hazardous materials to ensure compliance with laws, codes, and regulations, and issue hazardous materials permits to facilities found in compliance.

7) Write detailed reports of fire inspections performed, fire code violations observed, and corrective recommendations offered.

8) Develop or review fire exit plans.

9) Review blueprints and plans for new or remodeled buildings in order to ensure the structures meet fire safety codes.

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10) Attend training classes in order to maintain current knowledge of fire prevention, safety, and firefighting procedures.

11) Present and explain fire code requirements and fire prevention information to architects, contractors, attorneys, engineers, developers, fire service personnel, and the general public.

12) Conduct fire exit drills to monitor and evaluate evacuation procedures.

13) Inspect liquefied petroleum installations, storage containers, and transportation and delivery systems for compliance with fire laws.

14) Search for clues as to the cause of a fire, once the fire is completely extinguished.

15) Develop and coordinate fire prevention programs such as false alarm billing, fire inspection reporting, and hazardous materials management.

16) Testify in court regarding fire code and fire safety issues.

17) Recommend changes to fire prevention, inspection, and fire code endorsement procedures.

18) Investigate causes of fires, collecting and preparing evidence and presenting it in court when necessary.

19) Issue permits for public assemblies.

20) Serve court appearance summonses and/or condemnation notices on parties responsible for violations of fire codes, laws, and ordinances.

21) Supervise staff, training them, planning their work, and evaluating their performance.

22) Arrange for the replacement of defective fire fighting equipment and for repair of fire alarm and sprinkler systems, making minor repairs such as servicing fire extinguishers when feasible.

23) Collect fees for permits and licenses.

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
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