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"Fitness Trainer and Aerobics Instructor"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Instruct or coach groups or individuals in exercise activities and the fundamentals of sports. Demonstrate techniques and methods of participation. Observe participants and inform them of corrective measures necessary to improve their skills. Those required to hold teaching degrees should be reported in the appropriate teaching category.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Fitness Trainer and Aerobics Instructor"

1) Explain and enforce safety rules and regulations governing sports, recreational activities, and the use of exercise equipment.

2) Offer alternatives during classes to accommodate different levels of fitness.

3) Plan routines, choose appropriate music, and choose different movements for each set of muscles, depending on participants' capabilities and limitations.

4) Observe participants and inform them of corrective measures necessary for skill improvement.

5) Teach proper breathing techniques used during physical exertion.

6) Instruct participants in maintaining exertion levels in order to maximize benefits from exercise routines.

7) Teach and demonstrate use of gymnastic and training equipment such as trampolines and weights.

8) Maintain fitness equipment.

9) Conduct therapeutic, recreational, or athletic activities.

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10) Monitor participants' progress and adapt programs as needed.

11) Evaluate individuals' abilities, needs, and physical conditions, and develop suitable training programs to meet any special requirements.

12) Plan physical education programs to promote development of participants' physical attributes and social skills.

13) Provide students with information and resources regarding nutrition, weight control, and lifestyle issues.

14) Administer emergency first aid, wrap injuries, treat minor chronic disabilities, or refer injured persons to physicians.

15) Advise clients about proper clothing and shoes.

16) Wrap ankles, fingers, wrists, or other body parts with synthetic skin, gauze, or adhesive tape, in order to support muscles and ligaments.

17) Teach individual and team sports to participants through instruction and demonstration, utilizing knowledge of sports techniques and of participants' physical capabilities.

18) Promote health clubs through membership sales, and record member information.

19) Organize, lead, and referee indoor and outdoor games such as volleyball, baseball, and basketball.

20) Maintain equipment inventories; and select, store, and issue equipment as needed.

21) Organize and conduct competitions and tournaments.

22) Advise participants in use of heat or ultraviolet treatments and hot baths.

23) Massage body parts to relieve soreness, strains, and bruises.

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Duties / Tasks Activities Skills Abilities Knowledge / Experience


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