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"Freight Forwarder"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Research rates, routings, or modes of transport for shipment of products. Maintain awareness of regulations affecting the international movement of cargo. Make arrangements for additional services, such as storage or inland transportation.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Freight Forwarder"

1) Review the environmental records of freight carriers to inform shipping decisions.

2) Calculate weight, volume, or cost of goods to be moved.

3) Recommend shipping solutions to minimize cost or environmental impacts.

4) Select shipment routes, based on nature of goods shipped, transit times, or security needs.

5) Determine efficient and cost-effective methods of moving goods from one location to another.

6) Reserve necessary space on ships, aircraft, trains, or trucks.

7) Arrange delivery or storage of goods at destinations.

8) Arrange for special transport of sensitive cargoes, such as livestock, food, or medical supplies.

9) Assist clients in obtaining insurance reimbursements.

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10) Complete shipping documentation, such as including bills of lading, packing lists, dock receipts, and certificates of origin.

11) Consolidate loads with a common destination to reduce costs to individual shippers.

12) Inform clients of factors such as shipping options, timelines, transfers, or regulations affecting shipments.

13) Keep records of goods dispatched or received.

14) Maintain current knowledge of relevant legislation, political situations, or other factors that could affect freight shipping.

15) Monitor or record locations of goods in transit.

16) Negotiate shipping rates with freight carriers.

17) Obtain or arrange cargo insurance.

18) Pay or arrange for payment of freight or insurance fees or other charges.

19) Prepare invoices or cost quotations for freight transportation.

20) Recommend or arrange appropriate merchandise packing methods, according to climate, terrain, weight, nature of goods, or costs.

21) Verify proper packaging and labeling of exported goods.

22) Verify adherence of documentation to customs, insurance, or regulatory requirements.

23) Clear goods through customs, arranging for applicable duties and taxes.

24) Complete customs paperwork.

25) Make arrangements with customs brokers to facilitate the passage of goods through customs.

26) Provide detailed port information to importers or exporters.

27) Provide shipment status notification to exporters, consignees, or insurers.

28) Refer exporters to experts in areas such as trade financing, international marketing, government export requirements, international banking, or marine insurance.

29) Analyze shipping routes to determine how to minimize environmental impact.

30) Consider environmental sustainability factors when determining merchandise packing methods.

31) Arrange for transport, using a variety of modes, such as rail, short sea shipping, air, or roadways, to minimize carbon emissions or other environmental impacts.

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