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"Furniture Finisher"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Shape, finish, and refinish damaged, worn, or used furniture or new high-grade furniture to specified color or finish.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Furniture Finisher"

1) Brush, spray, or hand-rub finishing ingredients, such as paint, oil, stain, or wax, onto and into wood grain; then apply lacquer or other sealers.

2) Disassemble items to prepare them for finishing, using hand tools.

3) Examine furniture to determine the extent of damage or deterioration, and to decide on the best method for repair or restoration.

4) Fill and smooth cracks or depressions, remove marks and imperfections, and repair broken parts, using plastic or wood putty, glue, nails, and/or screws.

5) Follow blueprints to produce specific designs.

6) Mix finish ingredients to obtain desired colors or shades.

7) Remove accessories prior to finishing, and mask areas that should not be exposed to finishing processes or substances.

8) Remove excess solvent, using cloths soaked in paint thinner.

9) Remove old finishes and damaged or deteriorated parts, using hand tools, stripping tools, sandpaper, steel wool, abrasives, solvents, and/or dip baths.

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10) Select appropriate finishing ingredients such as paint, stain, lacquer, shellac, or varnish, depending on factors such as wood hardness and surface type.

11) Smooth, shape, and touch-up surfaces to prepare them for finishing, using sandpaper, pumice stones, steel wool, chisels, sanders, or grinders.

12) Treat warped or stained surfaces to restore original contours and colors.

13) Wash surfaces to prepare them for finish application.

14) Brush bleaching agents on wood surfaces to restore natural color.

15) Confer with customers to determine furniture colors and/or finishes.

16) Design, create, and decorate entire pieces or specific parts of furniture, such as draws for cabinets.

17) Distress surfaces with woodworking tools or abrasives before staining to create an antique appearance, or rub surfaces to bring out highlights and shadings.

18) Paint metal surfaces electrostatically, or by using a spray gun or other painting equipment.

19) Recommend woods, colors, finishes, and furniture styles, using knowledge of wood products, fashions, and styles.

20) Replace or refurbish upholstery of items, using tacks, adhesives, softeners, solvents, stains, or polish.

21) Spread graining ink over metal portions of furniture in order to simulate wood-grain finish.

22) Stencil, gild, emboss, mark, or paint designs or borders to reproduce the original appearance of restored pieces, or to decorate new pieces.

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