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"Hydroelectric Production Manager"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Manage operations at hydroelectric power generation facilities. Maintain and monitor hydroelectric plant equipment for efficient and safe plant operations.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Hydroelectric Production Manager"

1) Plan or manage hydroelectric plant upgrades.

2) Perform or direct preventive or corrective containment or cleanup to protect the environment.

3) Maintain records of hydroelectric facility operations, maintenance, or repairs.

4) Develop or implement policy evaluation procedures for hydroelectric generation activities.

5) Supervise hydropower plant equipment installations, upgrades, or maintenance.

6) Create or enforce hydrostation voltage schedules.

7) Provide technical direction in the erection or commissioning of hydroelectric equipment or supporting electrical or mechanical systems.

8) Develop or implement projects to improve efficiency, economy, or effectiveness of hydroelectric plant operations.

9) Respond to problems related to ratepayers, water users, power users, government agencies, educational institutions, or other private or public power resource interests.

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10) Operate energized high- or low-voltage hydroelectric power transmission system substations, according to procedures and safety requirements.

11) Monitor or inspect hydroelectric equipment, such as hydro-turbines, generators, or control systems.

12) Inspect hydroelectric facilities, including switchyards, control houses, or relay houses, for normal operation or adherence to safety standards.

13) Develop or review budgets, annual plans, power contracts, power rates, standing operating procedures, power reviews, or engineering studies.

14) Check hydroelectric operations for compliance with prescribed operating limits, such as loads, voltages, temperatures, lines, or equipment.

15) Supervise or monitor hydroelectric facility operations to ensure that generation or mechanical equipment conform to applicable regulations or standards.

16) Negotiate power generation contracts with other public or private utilities.

17) Plan or coordinate hydroelectric production operations to meet customer requirements.

18) Identify and communicate power system emergencies.

19) Direct operations, maintenance, or repair of hydroelectric power facilities.

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