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"Mail Clerk and Mail Machine Operator"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Prepare incoming and outgoing mail for distribution. Use hand or mail handling machines to time stamp, open, read, sort, and route incoming mail; and address, seal, stamp, fold, stuff, and affix postage to outgoing mail or packages. Duties may also include keeping necessary records and completed forms.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Mail Clerk and Mail Machine Operator"

1) Affix postage to packages or letters by hand, or stamp materials, using postage meters.

2) Insert material for printing or addressing into loading racks on machines, select type or die sizes, and position plates, stencils, or tapes in machine magazines.

3) Sort and route incoming mail, and collect outgoing mail, using carts as necessary.

4) Start machines that automatically feed plates, stencils, or tapes through mechanisms, and observe machine operations in order to detect any malfunctions.

5) Accept and check containers of mail or parcels from large volume mailers, couriers, and contractors.

6) Add ink, fill paste reservoirs, and change machine ribbons when necessary.

7) Adjust guides, rollers, loose card inserters, weighing machines, and tying arms, using rules and hand tools.

8) Contact delivery or courier services to arrange delivery of letters and parcels.

9) Determine manner in which mail is to be sent, and prepare it for delivery to mailing facilities.

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10) Inspect mail machine output for defects; determine how to eliminate causes of any defects.

11) Lift and unload containers of mail or parcels onto equipment for transportation to sortation stations.

12) Place incoming or outgoing letters or packages into sacks or bins based on destination or type, and place identifying tags on sacks or bins.

13) Read production orders to determine types and sizes of items scheduled for printing and mailing.

14) Remove containers of sorted mail/parcels, and transfer them to designated areas according to established procedures.

15) Remove from machines printed materials such as labeled articles, postmarked envelopes or tape, and folded sheets.

16) Stamp dates and times of receipt of incoming mail.

17) Verify that items are addressed correctly, marked with the proper postage, and in suitable condition for processing.

18) Weigh packages or letters to determine postage needed, using weighing scales and rate charts.

19) Answer inquiries regarding shipping or mailing policies.

20) Clear jams in sortation equipment.

21) Fold letters or circulars and insert them in envelopes.

22) Mail merchandise samples or promotional literature in response to requests.

23) Operate embossing machines or typewriters to make corrections, additions, and changes to address plates.

24) Release packages or letters to customers upon presentation of written notices or other identification.

25) Seal or open envelopes, by hand or by using machines.

26) Sell mail products, and accept payment for products and mailing charges.

27) Wrap packages or bundles by hand, or by using tying machines.

28) Operate computer-controlled keyboards or voice recognition equipment in order to direct items according to established routing schemes.

29) Use equipment such as forklifts and automated "trains" to move containers of mail.

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