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"Patternmakes, Wood"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Plan, lay out, and construct wooden unit or sectional patterns used in forming sand molds for castings.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Patternmakes, Wood"

1) Compute dimensions, areas, volumes, and weights.

2) Construct wooden models, templates, full scale mock-ups, jigs, and/or molds for shaping parts of products.

3) Correct patterns to compensate for defects in castings.

4) Divide patterns into sections according to shapes of castings to facilitate removal of patterns from molds.

5) Fit, fasten, and assemble wood parts together to form patterns, models, or sections, using glue, nails, dowels, bolts, and screws.

6) Lay out patterns on wood stock and draw outlines of units, sectional patterns, or full-scale mock-ups of products, based on blueprint specifications and sketches, and using marking and measuring devices.

7) Read blueprints, drawings, or written specifications to determine sizes and shapes of patterns and required machine setups.

8) Select lumber to be used for patterns.

9) Set up, operate, and adjust a variety of woodworking machines such as bandsaws and lathes to cut and shape sections, parts, and patterns, according to specifications.

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10) Trim, smooth, and shape surfaces, and plane, shave, file, scrape, and sand models to attain specified shapes, using hand tools.

11) Verify dimensions of completed patterns, using templates, straightedges, calipers, and/or protractors.

12) Collect and store patterns and lumber.

13) Finish completed products or models with shellac, lacquer, wax, or paint.

14) Glue fillets along interior angles of patterns.

15) Inventory equipment and supplies, ordering parts and tools as necessary.

16) Issue patterns to designated machine operators.

17) Maintain pattern records for reference.

18) Mark identifying information such as colors or codes on patterns, parts, and templates to indicate assembly methods.

19) Repair broken or damaged patterns.

20) Estimate costs for patternmaking jobs.

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