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"Printing Press Machine Operator and Tender"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Operate or tend various types of printing machines, such as offset lithographic presses, letter or letterset presses, flexographic or gravure presses, to produce print on paper or other materials such as plastic, cloth, or rubber.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Printing Press Machine Operator and Tender"

1) Pushes buttons, turns handles or moves controls and levers to start printing machine or manually controls equipment operation.

2) Turns, pushes or moves controls to set and adjust speed, temperature, inkflow, and position and pressure tolerances of press.

3) Selects and installs printing plates, rollers, screens, stencils, type, die, and cylinders in machine according to specifications, using hand tools.

4) Loads, positions and adjusts unprinted materials on holding fixture or in loading and feeding mechanisms of press.

5) Reviews work order to determine ink, stock and equipment needed for production.

6) Accepts orders, calculates and quotes prices and receives payments from customers.

7) Discards or corrects misprinted materials, using ink eradicators or solvents.

8) Dismantles and reassembles printing unit or parts, using hand and power tools, to repair, maintain or adjust machine.

9) Cleans and lubricates printing machine and components (e.g., rollers, screens, typesetting, reservoirs) using oil, solvents, brushes, rags and hoses.

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10) Removes printed materials from press, using handtruck, electric lift or hoist, and transports them to drying, storage or finishing areas.

11) Inspects and examines printed products for print clarity, color accuracy, conformance to specifications and external defects.

12) Pours or spreads paint, ink, color compounds and other materials into reservoirs, troughs, hoppers or color holders of printing unit.

13) Blends and tests paint, inks, stains and solvents according to type of material being printed and workorder specifications.

14) Monitors and controls operation of auxiliary equipment, such as cutters, folders, drying ovens and sanders to assemble and finish product.

15) Directs and monitors activities of workers feeding, inspecting and tending printing machines and materials.

16) Keeps daily time and materials usage reports and records identifying information printed on manufactured products and parts.

17) Packs and labels cartons, boxes or bins of finished products.

18) Monitors feeding, printing and racking processes of press to maintain specified operating levels and detect malfunctions.

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