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"Public Relations Manager"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Plan and direct public relations programs designed to create and maintain a favorable public image for employer or client; or if engaged in fundraising, plan and direct activities to solicit and maintain funds for special projects and nonprofit organizations.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Public Relations Manager"

1) Identify main client groups and audiences and determine the best way to communicate publicity information to them.

2) Write interesting and effective press releases, prepare information for media kits and develop and maintain company internet or intranet web pages.

3) Develop and maintain the company's corporate image and identity, which includes the use of logos and signage.

4) Manage communications budgets.

5) Manage special events such as sponsorship of races, parties introducing new products, or other activities the firm supports in order to gain public attention through the media without advertising directly.

6) Draft speeches for company executives, and arrange interviews and other forms of contact for them.

7) Assign, supervise and review the activities of public relations staff.

8) Evaluate advertising and promotion programs for compatibility with public relations efforts.

9) Establish and maintain effective working relationships with local and municipal government officials and media representatives.

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10) Confer with labor relations managers to develop internal communications that keep employees informed of company activities.

11) Direct activities of external agencies, establishments and departments that develop and implement communication strategies and information programs.

12) Formulate policies and procedures related to public information programs, working with public relations executives.

13) Respond to requests for information about employers' activities or status.

14) Establish goals for soliciting funds, develop policies for collection and safeguarding of contributions, and coordinate disbursement of funds.

15) Facilitate consumer relations, or the relationship between parts of the company such as the managers and employees, or different branch offices.

16) Maintain company archives.

17) Manage in-house communication courses.

18) Produce films and other video products, regulate their distribution, and operate film library.

19) Observe and report on social, economic and political trends that might affect employers.

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