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"Rail Yard Engineer, Dinkey Operator, and Hostler"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Drive switching or other locomotive or dinkey engines within railroad yard, industrial plant, quarry, construction project, or similar location.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Rail Yard Engineer, Dinkey Operator, and Hostler"

1) Confer with conductors and other workers via radio-telephones or computers to exchange switching information.

2) Drive engines within railroad yards or other establishments to couple, uncouple, or switch railroad cars.

3) Drive locomotives to and from various stations in roundhouses to have locomotives cleaned, serviced, repaired, or supplied.

4) Observe and respond to wayside and cab signals, including color light signals, position signals, torpedoes, flags, and hot box detectors.

5) Observe water levels and oil, air, and steam pressure gauges in order to ensure proper operation of equipment.

6) Operate and control dinkey engines to transport and shunt cars at industrial or mine sites.

7) Operate switching diesel engines to switch railroad cars, using remote controls.

8) Operate track switches, derails, automatic switches, and retarders to change routing of train or cars.

9) Read switching instructions and daily car schedules to determine work to be performed, or receive orders from yard conductors.

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10) Receive, relay, and act upon instructions and inquiries from train operations and customer service center personnel.

11) Signal crew members for movement of engines or trains, using lanterns, hand signals, radios, or telephones.

12) Apply and release hand brakes.

13) Couple and uncouple air hoses and electrical connections between cars.

14) Inspect engines before and after use to ensure proper operation.

15) Inspect the condition of stationary trains, rolling stock, and equipment.

16) Inspect track for defects such as broken rails and switch malfunctions.

17) Operate flatcars equipped with derricks or railcars to transport personnel or equipment.

18) Perform routine repair and maintenance duties.

19) Provide assistance in aligning drawbars, using available equipment to lift, pull, or push on the drawbars.

20) Provide assistance in the installation or repair of rails and ties.

21) Pull knuckles to open them for coupling.

22) Record numbers of cars available, numbers of cars sent to repair stations, and types of service needed.

23) Report arrival and departure times, train delays, work order completion, and time on duty.

24) Ride on moving cars by holding onto grab irons and standing on ladder steps.

25) Spot cars for loading and unloading at customer locations.

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