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"Welfare Eligibility Worker and Interviewer"
Job Description - Part 1

Basic Job Description:

Interview and investigate applicants and recipients to determine eligibility for use of social programs and agency resources. Duties include recording and evaluating personal and financial data obtained from individuals; initiating procedures to grant, modify, deny, or terminate eligibility for various aid programs; authorizing grant amounts; and preparing reports. These workers generally receive specialized training and assist social service caseworkers.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Welfare Eligibility Worker and Interviewer"

1) Interviews and investigates applicants for public assistance to gather information pertinent to their application.

2) Selects and refers eligible applicants to public assistance or public housing agencies.

3) Records and evaluates personal and financial data to determine initial or continuing eligibility.

4) Initiates procedures to grant, modify, deny or terminate eligibility and grants for various assistance programs.

5) Authorizes amounts of grants, money payments, food stamps, medical care, or other general assistance.

6) Prepares regular and special reports, keeps records of assigned cases, and submits individual recommendations.

7) Computes public housing rent in proportion to eligible tenant's income.

8) Prepares and assists applicants in completion of routine intake and personnel forms.

9) Conducts annual, interim, and special housing reviews and home visits to ensure conformance to regulations.

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10) Explains eligibility requirements, form completion requirements, community resources for financial assistance, housing opportunities, and tenant selection methods.

11) Reviews training approval forms and payment vouchers for completeness and accuracy.

12) Interprets and explains rules and regulations governing eligibility and grants, payment methods, and applicant's legal rights.

13) Receives and records security deposits and advance rents from selected tenants.

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