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"Automotive Engineer"
Job Description - Part 1 - Duties and Tasks

Basic Job Description:

Develop new or improved designs for vehicle structural members, engines, transmissions, or other vehicle systems, using computer-assisted design technology. Direct building, modification, or testing of vehicle or components.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Automotive Engineer"

1) Develop engineering specifications or cost estimates for automotive design concepts.

2) Calibrate vehicle systems, including control algorithms or other software systems.


3) Develop calibration methodologies, test methodologies, or tools.

4) Build models for algorithm or control feature verification testing.

5) Alter or modify designs to obtain specified functional or operational performance.


6) Conduct or direct system-level automotive testing.

7) Develop specifications for vehicles powered by alternative fuels or alternative power methods.

8) Write, review, or maintain engineering documentation.

9) Conduct automotive design reviews.

10) Conduct research studies to develop new concepts in the field of automotive engineering.

11) Provide technical direction to other engineers or engineering support personnel.

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12) Perform failure, variation, or root cause analyses.

13) Develop or integrate control feature requirements.

14) Read current literature, attend meetings or conferences, and talk with colleagues to stay abreast of new technology and competitive products.


15) Establish production or quality control standards.

16) Prepare or present technical or project status reports.

17) Develop or implement operating methods or procedures.

18) Coordinate production activities with other functional units, such as procurement, maintenance, or quality control.

19) Design or analyze automobile systems in areas such as aerodynamics, alternate fuels, ergonomics, hybrid power, brakes, transmissions, steering, calibration, safety, or diagnostics.

20) Design control systems or algorithms for purposes such as automotive energy management, emissions management, or increased operational safety or performance.

21) Create design alternatives for vehicle components, such as camless or dual-clutch engines or alternative air-conditioning systems, to increase fuel efficiency.

22) Design vehicles for increased recyclability or use of natural, renewable, or recycled materials in vehicle construction.

23) Design vehicles that use lighter materials, such as aluminum, magnesium alloy, or plastic, to improve fuel efficiency.

24) Research computerized automotive applications, such as telemetrics, intelligent transportation systems, artificial intelligence, or automatic control.

25) Research or implement green automotive technologies involving alternative fuels, electric or hybrid cars, or lighter or more fuel-efficient vehicles.

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Part 1
Duties / Tasks
Part 2
Part 3
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"Automotive Engineer"   Holland / RIASEC Career Code:  NA        SOC:  17-2141.02


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