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"Postsecondary Education Administrators"
Job Description - Part 1 - Duties and Tasks

Basic Job Description:

Plan, direct, or coordinate research, instructional, student administration and services, and other educational activities at postsecondary institutions, including universities, colleges, and junior and community colleges.

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Duties / Tasks
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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Postsecondary Education Administrators"

1) Recruit, hire, train, and terminate departmental personnel.

2) Plan, administer, and control budgets, maintain financial records, and produce financial reports.


3) Represent institutions at community and campus events, in meetings with other institution personnel, and during accreditation processes.

4) Participate in faculty and college committee activities.

5) Provide assistance to faculty and staff in duties such as teaching classes, conducting orientation programs, issuing transcripts, and scheduling events.


6) Establish operational policies and procedures and make any necessary modifications, based on analysis of operations, demographics, and other research information.

7) Confer with other academic staff to explain and formulate admission requirements and course credit policies.

8) Appoint individuals to faculty positions, and evaluate their performance.

9) Direct activities of administrative departments such as admissions, registration, and career services.

10) Develop curricula, and recommend curricula revisions and additions.

11) Determine course schedules, and coordinate teaching assignments and room assignments in order to ensure optimum use of buildings and equipment.

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12) Consult with government regulatory and licensing agencies in order to ensure the institution's conformance with applicable standards.

13) Direct, coordinate, and evaluate the activities of personnel engaged in administering academic institutions, departments, and/or alumni organizations.

14) Teach courses within their department.


15) Participate in student recruitment, selection, and admission, making admissions recommendations when required to do so.

16) Review student misconduct reports requiring disciplinary action, and counsel students regarding such reports.

17) Supervise coaches.

18) Assess and collect tuition and fees.

19) Direct scholarship, fellowship, and loan programs, performing activities such as selecting recipients and distributing aid.

20) Coordinate the production and dissemination of university publications such as course catalogs and class schedules.

21) Review registration statistics, and consult with faculty officials to develop registration policies.

22) Audit the financial status of student organizations and facility accounts.

23) Negotiate with foundation and industry representatives on issues such as securing loans and determining construction costs and materials.

24) Plan and promote sporting events and social, cultural, and recreational activities.

25) Direct and participate in institutional fundraising activities, and encourage alumni participation in such activities.

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Part 1
Duties / Tasks
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

"Postsecondary Education Administrators"   Holland / RIASEC Career Code:  E-C-I        SOC:  11-9033.00


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