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"Home Appliance Repairer"
Job Description - Part 1 - Duties and Tasks

Basic Job Description:

Repair, adjust, or install all types of electric or gas household appliances, such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and ovens.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Home Appliance Repairer"

1) Clean and reinstall parts.

2) Disassemble appliances so that problems can be diagnosed and repairs can be made.


3) Light and adjust pilot lights on gas stoves, and examine valves and burners for gas leakage and specified flame.

4) Observe and examine appliances during operation to detect specific malfunctions such as loose parts or leaking fluid.

5) Reassemble units after repairs are made, making adjustments and cleaning and lubricating parts as needed.


6) Refer to schematic drawings, product manuals, and troubleshooting guides in order to diagnose and repair problems.

7) Replace worn and defective parts such as switches, bearings, transmissions, belts, gears, circuit boards, or defective wiring.

8) Service and repair domestic electrical and/or gas appliances such as clothes washers, refrigerators, stoves, and dryers.

9) Set appliance thermostats, and check to ensure that they are functioning properly.

10) Talk to customers or refer to work orders in order to establish the nature of appliance malfunctions.

11) Test and examine gas pipelines and equipment to locate leaks and faulty connections, and to determine the pressure and flow of gas.

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12) Trace electrical circuits, following diagrams, and conduct tests with circuit testers and other equipment to locate shorts and grounds.

13) Bill customers for repair work, and collect payment.

14) Clean, lubricate, and touch up minor defects on newly installed or repaired appliances.


15) Conserve, recover, and recycle refrigerants used in cooling systems.

16) Contact supervisors or offices to receive repair assignments.

17) Install appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and stoves.

18) Install gas pipes and water lines to connect appliances to existing gas lines or plumbing.

19) Instruct customers regarding operation and care of appliances, and provide information such as emergency service numbers.

20) Level refrigerators, adjust doors, and connect water lines to water pipes for ice makers and water dispensers, using hand tools.

21) Level washing machines and connect hoses to water pipes, using hand tools.

22) Maintain stocks of parts used in on-site installation, maintenance, and repair of appliances.

23) Measure, cut, and thread pipe, and connect it to feeder lines and equipment or appliances, using rules and hand tools.

24) Observe and test operation of appliances following installation, and make any initial installation adjustments that are necessary.

25) Provide repair cost estimates, and recommend whether appliance repair or replacement is a better choice.

26) Record maintenance and repair work performed on appliances.

27) Respond to emergency calls for problems such as gas leaks.

28) Assemble new or reconditioned appliances.

29) Disassemble and reinstall existing kitchen cabinets, or assemble and install prefabricated kitchen cabinets and trim in conjunction with appliance installation.

30) Hang steel supports from beams or joists to hold hoses, vents, and gas pipes in place.

31) Take measurements to determine if appliances will fit in installation locations; perform minor carpentry work when necessary to ensure proper installation.

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Part 1
Duties / Tasks
Part 2
Part 3
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"Home Appliance Repairer"   Holland / RIASEC Career Code:  NA        SOC:  49-9031.00


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