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"Mapping Technician"
Job Description - Part 1 - Duties and Tasks

Basic Job Description:

Calculate mapmaking information from field notes, and draw and verify accuracy of topographical maps.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Mapping Technician"

1) Analyze aerial photographs in order to detect and interpret significant military, industrial, resource, or topographical data.

2) Calculate latitudes, longitudes, angles, areas, and other information for mapmaking, using survey field notes and reference tables.


3) Check all layers of maps in order to ensure accuracy, identifying and marking errors and making corrections.

4) Compare topographical features and contour lines with images from aerial photographs, old maps, and other reference materials in order to verify the accuracy of their identification.

5) Compute and measure scaled distances between reference points in order to establish relative positions of adjoining prints and enable the creation of photographic mosaics.


6) Form three-dimensional images of aerial photographs taken from different locations, using mathematical techniques and plotting instruments.

7) Lay out and match aerial photographs in sequences in which they were taken, and identify any areas missing from photographs.

8) Monitor mapping work and the updating of maps in order to ensure accuracy, the inclusion of new and/or changed information, and compliance with rules and regulations.

9) Produce and update overlay maps in order to show information boundaries, water locations, and topographic features on various base maps and at different scales.

10) Redraw and correct maps, such as revising parcel maps to reflect tax code area changes, using information from official records and surveys.

11) Trace contours and topographic details in order to generate maps that denote specific land and property locations and geographic attributes.

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12) Trim, align, and join prints in order to form photographic mosaics, maintaining scaled distances between reference points.

13) Complete detailed source and method notes detailing the location of routine and complex land parcels.

14) Create survey description pages and historical records related to the mapping activities and specifications of section plats.


15) Determine scales, line sizes, and colors to be used for hard copies of computerized maps, using plotters.

16) Enter GPS data, legal deeds, field notes, and land survey reports into GIS workstations so that information can be transformed into graphic land descriptions, such as maps and drawings.

17) Identify and compile database information in order to create maps in response to requests.

18) Identify, research, and resolve anomalies in legal land descriptions, referring issues to title and survey experts as appropriate.

19) Research and combine existing property information in order to describe property boundaries in relation to adjacent properties, taking into account parcel splits, combinations, and land boundary adjustments.

20) Research resources such as survey maps and legal descriptions in order to verify property lines and to obtain information needed for mapping.

21) Supervise and coordinate activities of workers engaged in plotting data and drafting maps; or in producing blueprints, photostats, and photographs.

22) Answer questions and provide information to the public and to staff members regarding assessment maps, surveys, boundaries, easements, property ownership, roads, zoning, and similar matters.

23) Produce representations of surface and mineral ownership layers, by interpreting legal survey plans.

24) Train staff members in duties such as tax mapping, the use of computerized mapping equipment, and the interpretation of source documents.

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Part 1
Duties / Tasks
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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"Mapping Technician"   Holland / RIASEC Career Code:  C-R-I        SOC:  17-3031.02


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