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"Nuclear Power Reactor Operator"
Job Description - Part 1 - Duties and Tasks


Job Duties and Tasks for: "Nuclear Power Reactor Operator"

1) Respond to system or unit abnormalities, diagnosing the cause, and recommending or taking corrective action.

2) Record operating data such as the results of surveillance tests.


3) Note malfunctions of equipment, instruments, or controls, and report these conditions to supervisors.

4) Monitor and operate boilers, turbines, wells, and auxiliary power plant equipment.

5) Monitor all systems for normal running conditions, performing activities such as checking gauges to assess output or assess the effects of generator loading on other equipment.


6) Implement operational procedures such as those controlling start-up and shut-down activities.

7) Dispatch orders and instructions to personnel through radiotelephone or intercommunication systems to coordinate auxiliary equipment operation.

8) Adjust controls to position rod and to regulate flux level, reactor period, coolant temperature, and rate of power flow, following standard procedures.

9) Participate in nuclear fuel element handling activities such as preparation, transfer, loading, and unloading.

10) Direct reactor operators in emergency situations, in accordance with emergency operating procedures.

11) Conduct inspections and operations outside of control rooms as necessary.

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"Nuclear Power Reactor Operator"   Holland / RIASEC Career Code:  R-C-I        SOC:  51-8011.00


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