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"Storage and Distribution Manager"
Job Description - Part 1 - Duties and Tasks

Basic Job Description:

Plan, direct, and coordinate the storage and distribution operations within an organization or the activities of organizations that are engaged in storing and distributing materials and products.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Storage and Distribution Manager"

1) Supervise the activities of workers engaged in receiving, storing, testing, and shipping products or materials.

2) Plan, develop, and implement warehouse safety and security programs and activities.


3) Review invoices, work orders, consumption reports, and demand forecasts in order to estimate peak delivery periods and to issue work assignments.

4) Schedule and monitor air or surface pickup, delivery, or distribution of products or materials.

5) Interview, select, and train warehouse and supervisory personnel.


6) Confer with department heads to coordinate warehouse activities, such as production, sales, records control, and purchasing.

7) Respond to customers' or shippers' questions and complaints regarding storage and distribution services.

8) Inspect physical conditions of warehouses, vehicle fleets and equipment, and order testing, maintenance, repair, or replacement as necessary.

9) Develop and document standard and emergency operating procedures for receiving, handling, storing, shipping, or salvaging products or materials.

10) Examine products or materials in order to estimate quantities or weight and type of container required for storage or transport.

11) Negotiate with carriers, warehouse operators and insurance company representatives for services and preferential rates.

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12) Issue shipping instructions and provide routing information to ensure that delivery times and locations are coordinated.

13) Examine invoices and shipping manifests for conformity to tariff and customs regulations.

14) Prepare and manage departmental budgets.


15) Prepare or direct preparation of correspondence, reports, and operations, maintenance, and safety manuals.

16) Arrange for necessary shipping documentation, and contact customs officials in order to effect release of shipments.

17) Advise sales and billing departments of transportation charges for customers' accounts.

18) Evaluate freight costs and the inventory costs associated with transit times in order to ensure that costs are appropriate.

19) Participate in setting transportation and service rates.

20) Track and trace goods while they are en route to their destinations, expediting orders when necessary.

21) Arrange for storage facilities when required.

22) Develop and implement plans for facility modification or expansion, such as equipment purchase or changes in space allocation or structural design.

23) Evaluate locations for new warehouses and distribution networks in order to determine their potential usefulness.

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Part 1
Duties / Tasks
Part 2
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"Storage and Distribution Manager"   Holland / RIASEC Career Code:  E-C-R        SOC:  11-3071.02


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