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"Traffic Technician"
Job Description - Part 1 - Duties and Tasks

Basic Job Description:

Conduct field studies to determine traffic volume, speed, effectiveness of signals, adequacy of lighting, and other factors influencing traffic conditions, under direction of traffic engineer.

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Job Duties and Tasks for: "Traffic Technician"

1) Monitor street and utility projects for compliance to traffic control permit conditions.

2) Plan, design, and improve components of traffic control systems in order to accommodate current and projected traffic, and to increase usability and efficiency.


3) Prepare drawings of proposed signal installations or other control devices, using drafting instruments or computer automated drafting equipment.

4) Prepare graphs, charts, diagrams, and other aids in order to illustrate observations and conclusions.

5) Prepare work orders for repair, maintenance, and changes in traffic systems.


6) Provide technical supervision regarding traffic control devices to other traffic technicians and laborers.

7) Review traffic control/barricade plans in order to issue permits for parades and other special events and for construction work that affects rights-of-way, providing assistance with plan preparation or revision as necessary.

8) Visit development and work sites in order to determine projects' effect on traffic and the adequacy of plans to control traffic and maintain safety, and to suggest traffic control measures.

9) Analyze data related to traffic flow, accident rate data, and proposed development in order to determine the most efficient methods to expedite traffic flow.

10) Compute time settings for traffic signals and speed restrictions, using standard formulas.

11) Gather and compile data from hand count sheets, machine count tapes, and radar speed checks, and code data for computer input.

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12) Interview motorists about specific intersections or highways in order to secure information regarding roadway conditions for use in planning.

13) Lay out pavement markings for striping crews.

14) Maintain and make minor adjustments and field repairs to equipment used in surveys, including the replacement of parts on traffic data gathering devices.


15) Measure and record the speed of vehicular traffic, using electrical timing devices or radar equipment.

16) Operate counters and record data in order to assess the volume, type, and movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic at specified times.

17) Place and secure automatic counters, using power tools, and retrieve counters after counting periods end.

18) Study factors affecting traffic conditions, such as lighting, and sign and marking visibility, in order to assess their effectiveness.

19) Study traffic delays by noting times of delays, the numbers of vehicles affected, and vehicle speed through the delay area.

20) Time stoplights or other delays, using stopwatches.

21) Develop plans and long-range strategies for providing adequate parking space.

22) Establish procedures for street closures and for repair or construction projects.

23) Interact with the public in order to answer traffic-related questions, respond to complaints and requests, or to discuss traffic control ordinances, plans, policies, and procedures.

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Duties / Tasks
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"Traffic Technician"   Holland / RIASEC Career Code:  R-I-C        SOC:  53-6041.00


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